Responsible tourism. Like someone said, Leave only footprints and take only photographs.

1. Respect local culture and traditions. Women should try to dress modestly, wear loose fitting clothing, cover your upper arms and legs. Men should never walk about bare chested. Never swim naked in rivers or lakes. Some lakes are holy places and swimming should be avoided. Please ask first. You shouldn’t wear leather in monasteries or temples.

2. Use only designated routes and campsites, to reduce negative environmental impact.

3. Try to use home-stays and locally owned hotels or lodges as this supports the local economy. Try to use lodges, home-stays and campsites that try to reduce the use of firewood for heating water for showers etc.

4. Carry out all rubbish as there has been a huge environmental impact due to lack of infrastructure to treat waste appropriately.

5. Toilets should be at least 50m from water sources.

6. Avoid using bottled water whilst trekking, either use ACAP water points when in the Annapurna region or treat your water with Iodine or treatment of your choice.

7. Use of local guides and porters can enhance your visit to Nepal as they have local knowledge of their environment and culture.

8. Money spent in Nepal will contribute directly to the local economy, women’s empowerment and local conservation.